Driveway Sealer Discusion

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Re: Driveway Sealer Discusion
« Reply #15 on: October 02, 2017, 05:09:47 PM »
Hi Rob,
Am i right in doing the  following
1. Pressure clean 3000psi
2. Two coats penetrative sealer premium
It is important to illustrate that a penetrating sealer like Penetrating Sealer Premium is oil repellent which is typically not the first preference for a garage floor. Applicators typically opt for an oil resistant coating like an epoxy found here:
So a penetrating sealer is repellent whereas an epoxy is resistant. This is a very important distinction if main preference is for oil protection.
1. Do i have to acid wash or will pressure clean do it
2. Can i paint it afterwards or is it not necessary with the sealer. Better still does sealer come in colours
As far as pressure cleaning or acid etching our products preparation is consistent with most other products and best to see our Preparation Guide here:
The epoxies come in colours though a penetrating sealer being sub-surface is close to invisible commonly called "natural look". You would not need to mix products. Best settle on 1 product only.